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    Make sure to contact you Congressperson

    The NRA-ILA has put out an update of some pro-gun legislation. My biggest one I want to see passed is H.R. 197 National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act. I find it very frustrating that I can not carry my XD .45 in Ohio, because Indiana and Ohio do not have a reciprocal agreement. The same goes for when I occasionally travel to Iowa or Illinois. The nice thing is, even though Illinois does not issue concealed carry licenses, I could carry concealed in Illinois under a federal regulations.

    Here is the link to the list on the NRA-ILA site and here is a link to find out who your congress people are.

    Unless you let your congressman know that you would like or dislike him to vote a certain way on a piece of legislation, they will do what they think is good for them politically.