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    It’s entirely your fault.

    MSNBC is reporting today that jobless consumers will hold back any recovery that the country is making in the near future. “With home prices still falling and one in ten workers without a paycheck, the consumer spending that drives growth likely will remain weak for a lot longer.”
    It can’t be that the government decided to spend more money from the
    TARP on companies that were either poorly run and on the verge of collapse, banks that decided to make home loans to people with little or no way to pay, or to just general programs that get their money from the regular federal budget. There is no way it can be their fault.
    It can’t be the POTUS’ fault, because he is “deeply concerned” about us, so much so that the bill he signed gave money to help buy mass transit systems new equipment and construction, but until recently would not allow them to use it for operating cost such as keeping/hiring people to run all the new toys.
    As stated in the MSNBC report, even if businesses see the economy starting to turn around, they are going to wait and make damn sure that it’s not going to plummet again before thinking about hiring new people. This means that the people that are currently jobless will have to either wait a lot longer to find a job that pays what they were making, or have to settle for any lower paying jobs that come along.
    The good thing is that the unemployment rate seems to be plateauing, even though I’m pretty sure we’ll see double digit numbers for the nation before the top.
    That means all you jobless slackers that were laid off from your jobs because your employer could not afford to keep you on need to get out there and spend, spend, spend!! It doesn’t matter that you’re not able to make the rent/mortgage. You and your family don’t need to eat every meal every day. If you don’t get out there and pump up this economy, it’s not going to turn around by 2012 and that would just make everyone inside the Beltway look bad.
    When 2010 & 2012 roll around, let the good folks in your local, state, and federal levels know exactly how you feel. Get out there and vote and make certain that your voice is heard loud and clear.