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    Inaguaral Post-Indianapolis Independance Day Tea Party

    Welcome Readers!

    We're going to kick this off with the Indianapolis Independence Day Tea Party.

    Due to the Indianapolis monsoons that proceeded to fall all day, the crowd was smaller than last time. Estimates were in the hundreds as opposed to the thousands at the last one. That is not to say that the fervor shown by the crowd was any less intense. Signs showing the crowd's discontent with the way the government is running the country into the ground were poignant and to the point. Ranging from opinions about "Cap & Trade" to remembering our roots of our forefathers. Even Santa Claus made an appearance.

    Promptly at 5:00 the group, lead by two young drummers, headed out down Washington Street towards White River State Park. Honking from drivers encouraged the marchers, and slogans, such as "The Redcoats are coming, the Redcoats are coming" were shouted. Cheers from bystanders on the sidewalks were accompanied by some wondering what the marchers were there for. Evidently some people are not paying attention to what is going on in this country and what the government is doing that affects them.

    Upon arrival at WRSP, the crowd formed up in front of the main stage to kick off the main event. Richard Behney thanked everyone for coming out and for showing their support.

    Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties pertaining to the rain, all of my recorded interviews were lost.

    I did talk briefly with Chris Spangle, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. He was at the meeting along with others concerning the socialization of health care in the United States. They had a tent and were handing out free water to people along with information on what this administration is wanting to do with health care.

    I also interviewed several young people that came dressed in Revolutionary era period costumes. They had recently completed some classwork on that period of time and wanted to show and voice their concern for their future that the government has seen fit to gamble away.

    Due to prior family commitments I was only able to dedicate a little over an hour to the activities. Unfortunately, I believe that our elected officials have turned a deaf ear to the people that got them where they are today. They are doing everything within their power to take more for themselves and make the people dependent on the government rather than making the government dependent on the will of the people.

    As a retired Army soldier, I believe firmly in the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence and that the Founders knew what would be needed to make and keep this country great. We need to make sure that all elected officials, from local to the federal levels, know that we are not happy with what road they are taking this country down and if they do not change course we will be forced to make them change.



    05 July, 2009 10:57

    hehe. a tea party O.o