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    The little man on the chopping block.

    If you want to be a little different about not wanting the government to get into health care via a one payer system, but don't want to go with the oft quoted and tired "death panels", here's a new twist you can use: circumcision panels.
    The CDC is thinking about a national campaign in the US to circumcise all boys to help prevent the spread of HIV. They are basing this on the studies in Africa that show heterosexual men that are circumcised can reduce the risk of contracting HIV.
    Needless to say, that it does nothing to help men that are in the high risk categories, like homosexuals or IV drug users.
    Why this becomes entangled with the government run health care runs two ways. One way is that they could decide this is what has to be done to help stop the spread of HIV in America. Even though the studies show a statistical decrease among the high risk groups, those that are not in those groups would not be given a choice. Whether you want to or not, your little man will be put on the chopping block.
    The other, and more likely scenario will be that they will decide that it is simply not worth the money and will not fund it at all. Already Medicaid does not pay to have the procedure done.
    Either way, you lose. You lose the choice to keep it or have it removed according to you beliefs.
    We just need to come up with some catchy slogans to put on our "mass produced" signs that we individually make and carry at these rallies.

    h/t to David Harsanyi